Hieroglyphics Imperium was founded after all the members of Hieroglyphics lost major label deals. The crew realized the major label business of music was very political and that they had suffered from major record labels inability to develop raw artistry. It was decided that instead of looking for new deals they would form Hieroglyphics Imperium and release a group album. This debut album sold over 100,000 copies and paved the way for Hieroglyphics Imperium.

Hieroglyphics is an independently owned and operated record company based in Oakland California.

Founded in Oakland Ca in 1997, Hieroglyphics Imperium set the standard for underground hip hop coming out of the west coast. Based on previous fame from early Jive Records and Electra releases Hieroglyphics Imperium capitalized on major label promotion for their independent artist. Still around with new releases in 2016 Hieroglyphics has become a staple in Hip Hop.